Turn-key repair of apartments

Turn-key repair services can only be requested by our customers who have purchased an apartment or a home through Acces Imobil.

Beneficiaries of our services can order one of the following types of repair:

  • Cosmetic repair from 50 euro per m2
  • Capital repair from € 70 per m2
  • Euro repair from € 90 per m2
  • Premium repair from 120 euro per m2

By calling our specialists, you can be sure that all the repairs will be done qualitatively and efficiently so you can enjoy a new and comfortable home. We guarantee 100% compliance with terms of repair.

  • Experienced specialists
  • We guarantee quality of service
  • Low prices for building materials
  • We offer 2 years warranty

Our workers will provide all work in accordance with the approved budget.

If you have any questions, please call us: +373 78 888 900.

Acces Imobil - with us you make the right choice!

Acces Imobil - with us you make the right choice!

Other real-estate services

Each real estate transaction needs to be treated meticulously and seriously, to avoid certain errors or difficulties that could arise from the non-observance of the Moldovan legislation in force.
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