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How to get a mortgage when living and working abroad?

How to get a mortgage when living and working abroad?

Working abroad? Do you have a certain amount of money and you want to buy an apartment in installments in Chisinau?

In this article you will find useful information about the possibilities of obtaining housing in installments, if one or both spouses are working abroad.

Conditions for buying property for people interested abroad:


  • official employment contract abroad
  • official salary abroad
  • source of cash
  • the first minimum installment of 30-40% of the total value of the apartment
  • payment term up to 5 years


Apartment price = 30 000 euro

Down payment = 30 000 x 30% = 10,000 euro

Monthly rate = 20 000 euro / 60 months (5 years) ≈ 340 euro (additional rate is paid to the bank)

This calculation is indicative and has no contract value. Only after choosing a specific apartment, the initial rate, can the exact amount of the mortgage loan be calculated.

How buy an apartment in mortgage loan?


  1. People who wish to buy property in Chisinau and working abroad should return to Moldova and prepare the above-mentioned documents.
  2. After you have to come to the office of Access Imobil company, Chisinau mun., Grigore Vieru 12/1.u. Here, our real estate specialist will help you find and select the apartment that meets your desires and needs.
  3. Based on client requirements (number of rooms, sector, floor, repair or white version, price), a real estate specialist will offer the best offer for your that will correspond your budget.
  4. Subsequently, a specialist in real estate sales will help you to apply for a loan from financial partners who offer such loans (that is, people who are working abroad).
  5. After having been approved the credit, goes the transaction: the conclusion of the contract of sale, notarization and registration in the inventory.

Want to learn more information about buying an apartment in installments?

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