Real estate rental services

Rent an Apartment, House or Office with Acces Imobil! We list an extensive portfolio of rental apartments, houses and commercial properties.

Renting a property occurs in the following stages:

  • Our specialists identify the property you have requested, by carrying out all necessary legal checks.
  • We will verify if the owner of the property has or not debts to the state tax offices or to the utilities providers.
  • If renting takes place through a representative, we will check the rental warrant of attorney.
  • We will also engage in negotiating the lease, so that its terms be mutually beneficial to both parties.
  • In the lease contract, we will stipulate the owner's obligations (current or major repairs, real estate insurance).
  • Also, in the lease agreement will be indicated a fixed amount, in the form of a penalty, which the tenant will pay if the unilateral contract is terminated by him.
  • The contract will specify the date on which the real estate will be given in receipt, the state of the real estate at the time of hiring, the inventory of the existing goods.

Payment for services 

For owners, the company charges a one-month rental fee, and for tenants we have a 0% commission.

We guarantee to treat all our owners and tenants fairly by providing a transparent, efficient and professional service during the search process and throughout the tenancy. What’s more, we place great importance on building a lasting relationship with you, and work hard to understand your future needs. So, when the time comes to take the next step of your property journey – renting again or buying – we’ll be ready to help.

For more details please contact us 078 888 900 or we are waiting for you at the address: Chișinau, 12/1 Grigore Vieru avenue.

Acces Imobil - with us you make the right choice!

Acces Imobil - with us you make the right choice!

Other real-estate services

Each real estate transaction needs to be treated meticulously and seriously, to avoid certain errors or difficulties that could arise from the non-observance of the Moldovan legislation in force.
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