The real estate company Acces Imobil

Real Estate Company in Chisinau Acces Imobil

If you want to buy or sell a real estate, you need a experienced specialist, in order to get the most interesting offers and opportunities in the real estate market.

Our clients choose us because they know we understand their objectives and offer them the innovation, experience, technical expertise, clarity of advice and commitment to get their deals done efficiently and effectively.


Acces Imobil is a creative, innovative and people-oriented organization providing individual opportunity, personal satisfaction and rewarding challenges to all members of the firm.

The principal mission of Acces Imobil is to assist buyers and sellers in making the BEST real estate decisions possible by providing relevant knowledge, collaboration, professionalism and a memorable experience.

We want every client to find their dream home, so we accumulate in our database the most affordable real estate deals at affordable prices. We want to be recognized as a trusted partner delivering professional real estate services, saving time, money and nerves to our customers.


In order to follow our mission and fulfill our vision, we incorporate the following core values with our daily activities and are committed to:

  • We strive to be the best source of skill, information and resources for our clients and ourselves;
  • We come up with solutions for our clients;
  • We are proactive and a catalyst for change;
  • We approach every opportunity positively and we are creative and collaborative in our approach to challenges;
  • We make commitments, follow through on them, and are accountable to them;
  • We act in the best interests of our customers, the company, and our profession;
  • We engage our customers and our tasks with positive energy;
  • We continually strive for excellence and improvement.
  • We continually look for ways to better our best.

Acces Imobil maintains a staff of well-trained real estate professionals who continually strive to provide top quality service for our clients. We have: Professionalism, Attention, Efficiency, Transparency, Team spirit and Pro-Activity.