Real estate legal advice

Each real estate transaction needs to be treated meticulously and seriously, to avoid certain errors or difficulties that could arise from the non-observance of the Moldovan legislation in force.

That's why, whether you are a seller, a buyer or a tenant, you should know all the details and stages of the sale-purchase or rental process of a real estate, to make sure everything is transparent, and the transaction will end successfully.

Purchasing and selling real estate is a process with many steps involved to complete a transaction. That's why we keep our approach as simple and straightforward as possible.

Acces Imobil provide full legal support to our clients, including the following items:

  • negotiations with the owner and protection of the client's interests;
  • analysis of acts confirming the possessions of the real estate;
  • analysis of acts on the occurrence and transmission of the property right;
  • analysis of documents for the transaction, their compliance with applicable laws and their suitability for concluding a transaction;
  • collection and preparation of documents for the transaction;
  • verification of information about the real estate, the presence of restrictions, arrests, interdictions.

If you decide to sell, purchase or rent through Acces Imobil, we promise to support you at every stage of this potentially daunting and confusing process. With Acces Imobil you will be provided with professional and experienced support in real estate transactions.

For more details please contact us 078 888 900 or we are waiting for you at the address: Chișinau, 12/1 Grigore Vieru avenue.

Acces Imobil - helping you to make the right choice!

Acces Imobil - with us you make the right choice!

Acces Imobil - with us you make the right choice!

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