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Horoscope 2019. What qualities have realtors, depending on the zodiac

Horoscope 2019. What qualities have realtors, depending on the zodiac

Do you want to buy an apartment or a house in 2019? See below 2019 real estate agent horoscope, analyze the compatibility, and choose the right one, that suits you best.

This article should be treated as a joke / pamphlet.

Aries real estate agent


It is not by accident that aries is the first astrological sign of the zodiac. He opens roads and doors, he is bold and never says "no" to a transaction. The aries agent is always nervous and agitated, his mind never rests, even when he sleeps, thinks about your apartment.

This native is insistent, direct and honest. We rarely see an Aries sitting in the office, he needs presentations and sales.

The tireless and adventurous aries adore the challenges. Once he has fallen in love with an apartment, he must sell it at the best price. But fidelity is not his strong point, he meets new love every day.

Taurus real estate agent


No other sign is more earthly than the stable, conservative and pragmatic Taurus. It has seriousness and calm, and these qualities make him a real estate agent that you can count on anytime.

Do you want a presentation at 9 pm? No worries, the taurus agent is waiting for you, but problems can occur if you are not determined to buy the property.

Do not mess with him!

Gemini real estate agent


Double Problems :). Double pleasure and double torment. Gemini real estate agent is the kind of slick romantic who has doctorate in sales.

He always chooses the heaviest way: the most impatient seller, the most demanding customer, the heaviest transaction. That's how he likes the game. And he has all the "guns" to win.

The most sociable, funny, communicable, but be patient, let him speak. He will show you an apartment up to the smallest details, he will tell you the history of the block and all those who have lived there. And if something does not know, he invents stories).

Cancer real estate agent


The Cancer's memory can sometimes scare you. Everything he knows uses as a "gun": he goes to transactions as if he were going to war. Independence, liberalism and the ability to do more things at once: he can sell your apartment and find another one at the same time.

Meanwhile, he knows your whole family, become friends and relatives. The Cancer Agent is the savior of all, willing to help, he can pay your debts to utility if you don’t have time.

What should be noted, however, is that he always arrives where he wants, without realizing and guessing the methods he obtains the result.

Leo real estate agent


The Leo agent feels great in the spotlight and is the one who invented self-confidence. He opens the doors screaming at them and expects to be applauded when he enters.In love with his own person, he does not allow himself to fail.

It has a role as mediator between heaven and earth, so you will not even notice how fast your apartment will be sold. And he will wait for praise.

He is so obsessed with honors that if he receives a cup or medal he is able to carry it hanging on his throat, in order to see the whole world how great he is. The role of leader is invented for him.

He would like the emperor's job, but he does any job, however he does not do the hard one. He perfectly delegates the tasks, but the praises are only for him.

Virgo real estate agent


There is no Virgin in the history of humanity without authority! Meticulously to absurd, it could open an archive of all transactions. Fan of lists, tables, rules, which, instead of simplifying his life, terribly intrudes his existence.

Critic and perfectionist, the virgo real estate agent annoys everyone. Virgo is happy to organize the affairs of other people. Very tidy, the virgin agent is obsessed with cleanliness: the desk is like a temple, and the car like a sterile lab.

If you want him to sell your apartment, first of all, clean up!

Libra real estate agent


Balances are very good at public relations and sales, they are excellent advisers and consultants due to their outstanding personal charm.

The Libra real estate agent is an expert in bargaining, he obtains everywhere vouchers and he knows where the discounts are. Make sure you’ll get the lowest prices for the transaction, both at the cadastre and the notary.

Libra is a good co-worker and counselor: in any problem, he exposes dozens of solutions and then let the client decide.

As for her famous "balance", the psychologist who treats her is the most likely to comment. He changes his mind very quickly, always interrupts conversations, but somehow he gets to say exactly what the client was trying to say.

Scorpio real estate agent


It has an extraordinary magnetism and an unbeatable strategy, so you would give it your apartment at half price. He knows very clearly what he wants. From others!

It is good to ask Scorpio forgiveness when you met him. Preventive. You do not know for what, but you will certainly need his forgiveness. He'll find him a reason to make you feel guilty.

He does not give up his goals and plans, no matter how many obstacles he encounters. Nothing seems to intimidate him, no apartment with debts, no unmarked contract. He keeps his impenetrable mimic in every situation.

Sagittarius real estate agent


Confident and arrogant, the Sagittarius agent is the zodiac hunter: always hunts the lowest prices, and try to overtake him.

He has an opinion about everything! His favorite activity: to open his mouth before he thinks, with direct, painful and ironic replies. His spontaneous and proactive nature can scare some clients, but he is loved for his sincerity and transparency.

Capricorn real estate agent


Everybody loves him, because everyone loves mad people. No transaction is too difficult, and no purpose is too hard for the persistent Capricorn.

Curious to absurd, he finds out everything about the properties they sell and their owners. He learns absolutely everything, and then he can use the information for his benefit.

Always busy, the capricorn agent would die if he could not control everything, because no one is more competent than he. So capricorn remains in top at the highest responsibility, authority and efficiency.

Aquarius real estate agent


How do you know it's Aquarius? Unhealthy look, frenetic and slightly nervous. The surprise man!

Full of emotions, unpredictable reactions, strange ideas - a real nightmare! Total against the rules and systems, looking for new  creative and inspired ways to sell your apartment.

If you are a potential buyer, he will torture you mentally until you buy the apartment. Passionated by geography and history, he will show you every unknown street and tell you about her history. Eventually you will get tired, and to get rid of this calvary, you will buy everything.

Pisces real estate agent


The pisces agent is the shark of real estate market, he swallows all offers, able to sell even the devil. The bad part is that he is grabbing, he can not share a deal with any small fish. Often, the pride stops him from compromising and confuses him into negotiations.

However, it has an aura that makes you feel good in his presence. Very sociable by nature, the pisces agent is well-meaning with all kinds of customers, even with their pets.

The prudent, discreet and humorous nature makes him a trusted agent with whom you can build lasting relationships.


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