REF Moldova - The first forum dedicated to the real estate sector in the RM

8 September 2021
REF Moldova - The first forum dedicated to the real estate sector in the RM

On September 2-3, 2021, the First Forum dedicated to the Real Estate sector in the Republic of Moldova took place. Within the REF Moldova forum, 36 speakers and moderators from 5 countries addressed the most relevant topics in the real estate field, analyzed the current situation of the residential and non-residential sector, outlined the development perspectives and shared ideas about the innovations that can be applied to the real estate market.

“In addition to offering the possibility of an open discussion between all decision makers about the current situation in real estate and development prospects, this Forum aims to highlight the benefits that Moldova can offer to potential investors: low price per square meter, advantageous lending conditions, stable economic growth, good relations with the European Union and other advantages that will certainly be appreciated by investors" mentioned the Interim Director of the Investment Agency" Invest Moldova ", Ion Iordachi.


"The field of construction is subordinated to the ministry, so I consider it important to highlight some messages from the beginning: zero tolerance for corruption and a job which is well done. If we look closely at the segment you represent, you will see that the news abounds information at all levels of corruption, poor quality construction, and I want this to end with this government, and I ask you to be that partner for the government and the ministry, which wants to produce the change that the country needs.

To investors who want to invest in Moldova, I want to tell you that you have in the government that I represent as a reliable partner, which will ask nothing in return but to respect the law and to invest in good faith in our country." said the Minister of Infrastructure and Regional Development, Andrei Spânu.


"We, as the Ministry of Economy, want to make Moldova an investment destination. We want to grow the industry, to create new opportunities for developers, to prepare an optimal space for investors who want to do business in the Republic of Moldova. We want all agencies and all developers to have the opportunity to make a good, quality business and to provide good services for potential investors.

We have a series of platforms, free economic zones, industrial parks, multifunctional platforms, where there are many opportunities and with the help of the Investment Agency we tend to bring good faith investors to develop the sectors in the Republic of Moldova.” Minister of Economy, Sergiu Gaibu.


“Chisinau can and must develop, with an enormous potential to be open to quality investments, with clear rules for all parties. After analyzing international practices, we understood that we need a strategy for sustainable socio-economic and spatial development, which as a document will be the basis of our long-term actions. We are moving towards infrastructure rehabilitation.

At the current stage we are in the process of developing over 60 investment profiles, starting with buildings, which are abandoned, land plots that will be put up for auction, including we want this concentration not only in the central area of ​​Chisinau, but to we are also involved in the perspective of suburbs that have enormous potential.”  the General Mayor of Chisinau, Ion Ceban.


“Seven things that define the major changes on the real estate market in the Republic of Moldova. First of all, the increase in prices on the real estate market and the tendency to increase them, which makes it harder for our citizens to adapt to new prices. The second thing is that the real estate market is concentrated in Chisinau, in fact, outside of Chisinau life no longer exists.

The next thing that can be seen very clearly, finally the real estate market in the Republic of Moldova has a financial instrument. If until 2017 there were no mortgages, in the last three years we have an explosion of everything that means financing real estate. The fourth thing is the surface of the houses, the profile of the consumer has changed, so the surface of the buildings decreases.

Another thing that characterizes our market is that the real estate market after 12 years of decline, began to define the first signs of growth. Another thing is that in recent years, in the Republic of Moldova, in Chisinau, the rental market is developing, being a very accentuated phenomenon. And the last thing stipulates that the Republic of Moldova in terms of accessibility of housing, after 12 years is finally approaching the European average. " mentioned Veaceslav Ioniță.


The real estate sector is a sector of major interest both for the final consumer and for all market players, construction companies, real estate companies, foreign investors, commercial banks and the state on the other hand. Greater transparency and accountability is required from everyone, so that this sector can develop according to market principles and quality standards,in order to have a modern, well-structured city in which you want to live and develop businesses.


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