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Classification of real estate (Examples)

Classification of real estate ( Examples)

Until we classify real estate, we'll explain what the real estate market means.

The real estate market includes all the transactions that take place in relation to the transfer of property or use rights to real estate.

The higher the demand for a particular type of property, the higher the price. If we have a large surplus of real estate (increased supply), but at the same time the demand is low, then prices will fall.

See the difference between the seller's market and the buyer's real estate market.

To find out which types of properties can be sold or rented, you will find their classification below.

Classification of real estate by destination

  • real estate (residential)
  • non-residential real estate
  • land

Examples of residential real estate


  • apartments
  • houses (residential)
  • villas
  • seasonal homes

See here the classification of apartments by number of rooms.

Classification of non-residential real estate


  • commercial real estate - shops, shopping centers, hotels, cafes, restaurants, bars, offices
  • industrial real estate - industrial enterprises, factories, warehouses, production halls
  • institutional buildings - schools, hospitals, museums and other special purpose objects
  • recreational real estate - sports centers, entertainment and leisure complex

Classification of land


  • land for construction
  • land with agricultural destination - vineyards, orchards, arable land
  • land for industrial and commercial objects
  • land for public use

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