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Interview with Andronic Maria about the challenges and motivation to work in real estate

Interview with Andronic Maria - a real estate agent

Meet our colleague, Maria Andronic, a real estate specialist at Acces Imobil. Maria is a dynamic person who works with dedication to become a successful real estate agent in Chisinau.

She was happy to answer a few questions about the challenges and motivation to work in real estate.

What does it mean to be a successful real estate agent?

A successful real estate agent is a specialist who has many recommendations.

He knows how to find the best home in the shortest time for his clients. So a successful real estate agent is an agent that has many sales and satisfied customers.

How long have you worked in real estate and why did you choose this job?

I have been working in real estate for almost a year. I started working in this area after I bought an apartment for myself.

As a buyer, I asked for help to a real estate company. I was very satisfied with the agents' approach, the dynamics of the search processes and the the advice I received. I liked the freedom to schedule my own time and the opportunity to help other people, so I decided to choose this job.

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What are the most important qualities that a professional real estate specialist should have?

It is very important to know how to properly manage your tasks and time. It is also important to have good communication skills, know how to ask questions and listen to customer’s needs. Last but not least, it's teamwork - a strong team is the shortest way to success.

In which sector of Chisinau do you work and which are the most demanded areas / streets / residential complexes?

I activate in Botanica. The most demanded are the main streets that have direct access to public transport, such as: Traian av., Cuza Voda av., Decebal av., Dacia av..

The most popular residential complexes in Buiucani are: Volare Tur (Grenoble street), Exfactor Grup (6, Hristo Botev av.), Camelon-Cons (Tusor Strisca street),Urban Construct TT (70/4, Decebal av.).

What types of apartments are the most popular at the moment?

The most popular are the apartments in new blocks with two-room and living, about 65-80m2. In the secondary blocks are requested the 1-2 rooms apartments in the blocks of 143 and  MS series.

What are the three main criteria for buyers when purchasing an apartment?

The main criteria are: the location, the planimetry and the price. However, in the end, the price is the most important factor that influences the final decision.

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How long does it take to find the right real estate?

There are people who are analyzing the real estate market for almost 1 year. These people are in a passive search. Their searches take place through the analysis of internet sales platforms.

Approximately 3 months before the purchase, they already know the market and start watching, they are interested in the possibilities of credit financing. When customers are in the advanced search phase, until the end of the transaction, the time is reduced to less than 1 month.

What is a client's average of visits to objects, until he finds the apartment he wants?

On average 5 apartments. I had clients who bought the first apartment they saw. Others, less determined, watched 12 apartments.

What does the ideal client look like?

The ideal client is the person who knows what he wants and how looks his dream apartment. Also, the ideal client is the one who is open to understand the real estate agent’s arguments and advice.

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What advice can you give to those who are looking for an apartment?

It is very important to see what the real financial possibilities they have and to call on a real estate specialist to find the best offer that meets their needs.

Why should a customer contact you?

Because I know how to save my customers' time and energy. In the case of buyers I can offer them the best offer, and for sellers, the opportunity to sell the apartment in the shortest time possible and at the best price

Andronic Maria - Real Estate Specialist at Acces Imobil. She is a sociable and a professional person. She is ready to help you buy or sell an apartment in Botanica. Call now - 068 888 551.


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